‘Mission is at the heart of God’s work in his people and for his world. This conference would be a great way to further your part in it.’

Trevor Condy – Council Chairman, GBM

‘A great initiative aimed at engaging and equipping local churches for the urgent task of making Jesus known throughout the world. I’m excited about the impact it will have for Christ and his gospel.’

Craig Langstaff – Senior Minister, Beeston Free Church, Nottingham

‘These are days of remarkable opportunity for the UK church. The world has come to us and we can go to the world. But what to do and how to speak? How do we break out of our ghettos into cross-cultural mission? And how do we insure that the glorious message of Christ’s saving grace remains central and relevant? This conference comes at a key time and presents an opportunity that must be grasped.’

Andy Paterson – Mission Director, FIEC

‘Do you long to see your church more involved in mission? Then I warmly commend this conference to you. If you are serious about giving mission its rightful place in your local church, plan to be there! I am convinced that you will come away enthused, encouraged and equipped with a greater understanding of God’s heart for mission through the local church!’

William Brown – Assistant Director, UFM Worldwide

‘Evangelicals were at the forefront of missionary sending churches in the 19th century. This needs to be so again for the 21st century. This is the type of conference which will help recapture that vision.’

Melvin Tinker – Vicar, St John Newline, Hull

‘A fantastic conference for anyone in the UK who is involved in identifying, training or supporting overseas cross-cultural workers. We are encouraging all our supporting churches to attend this event.’

Ann McClean – Missionary in Thailand, IFES & UFM Worldwide

‘As local churches take up the Gospel challenge to reach lost people at local, national and international level, this conference will be a help, challenge and encouragement. It will be richly worth the investment.’

John Tindall – Pastor for 45 years. Ex-honorary pastor of South Asia Group of Wycliffe Bible Translators

‘AIM International is delighted to support this initiative and is excited at the prospect of greater engagement of local churches in global mission.’

Andrew Chard – European Director, AIM International

‘I believe every church should have a global vision and not just a local one. This conference will provide invaluable ‘shared wisdom’ drawn from a wealth of churches, speakers and missionaries to equip and inspire churches. Regardless of your church’s size or budget, every church can still play a part in global mission and the Local Church Global Mission conference will show you how.’

Colin Webster – Minister, Cornerstone Church, Nottingham

‘Mission is at the heart of God’s work in his people and for his world. This conference would be a great way to further your part in it.’

Richard Myerscough – Minister, Pontefract Congregational Church; Chairman, UFM Worldwide

‘We know that mission should be at the heart of the local church and that the church is at the heart of global mission, but often it is hard to make that happen. This day conference will surely be a significant contribution in helping us put it together – through Bible encouragement, practical resourcing, and fellowship with like-minded believers. I warmly welcome this grass-roots initiative, and pray it will lead on to great things, locally and globally.’

Jonathan Lamb – Langham Partnership & Keswick Ministries

‘I am excited about this initiative by LCGM because, in a biblical, relevant and fresh way it will inspire and equip individuals and church/mission leaders in their engagement with the Great Commission in the 21st Century.’

John Mark Teeuwen – Director, UFM Worldwide

‘Whether for the world on our doorsteps or for the world a long way away, the message of the
Cross is wonderful news that needs to be heard everywhere – it’s so good this conference is
setting out to serve the local church in getting the message out.’

Neil Barber – Vicar, St Giles’ Church, Normanton by Derby

‘This looks like a really good idea. It’s always a struggle for churches to think globally, generously and sanely about the work we have to do. This combination of conference input and overseas training schemes seems well placed to do something to help that.’
Andy Gemmill  – Cornhill Scotland

‘I am convinced that world mission is vital. But if I am honest my priorities as a pastor don’t always match that conviction. “Local Church Global Mission” is the perfect chance to realign my priorities with the heart of God. I am excited about setting aside a day to deliberately engage with the global task Jesus has given us.’

Jonty Allcock – Pastor, The Globe Church, London