We’re delighted to offer four practical seminars relating to the local church and global mission.  Each person attending the conference will have the opportunity to attend two of these.


“In it together” Peter Milsom, Chairman of Affinity.  Formerly Director of UFM Worldwide and pastor of Malpas Road Evangelical Church, Newport

Developing strong and healthy partnerships between the local church, mission agencies and churches overseas.


“The workers are few”Andy Lines, Mission Director, Crosslinks

Identifying and training workers for cross-cultural mission from the church.


“Creating a missions culture”John Tindall, pastor for 45 years and ex-honorary pastor of South Asia Group of Wycliffe Bible Translators

How to lead and encourage a church to be global missions minded.


“Singles in mission”Jo Sayer, Means of Mission Co-ordinator with Crosslinks & Tim Herbert, Director of the SYZYGY mission support network

Supporting and sending those who are single in a manner worthy of the Lord.