Dealing with the unexpected: what happens when ‘it all goes wrong’

I wonder what the Apostle Paul’s sending church did when they heard reports of his shipwreck, or his being involved in a riot – after all, they hadn’t risk-assessed for that? How did Jim Elliot’s church leaders respond to news of his death at the spear of a head-hunter?


It’s certainly true that missionary work throws up the unexpected! But what can we pre-empt and how do we respond when the worst happens?


Through some real-life case studies this seminar will be exploring how church leaders can respond when the unexpected happens to their missionaries serving overseas.


Policies, partnerships and preparation will be discussed and pointers will be given that refer to selection, training and member care. Ideas will be collected from those attending.


Sheila Stephen, Visiting Lecturer at Union School of Theology and former trustee of AIM.


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Image used with permission from Freepik.